Langi tauʻolunga and hiva kakala

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Tongan dance songs and love poetry

This book contains more than 100 popular tauʻolunga dance songs (which happen in most cases to be love songs as well), from authors like King George II, Queen Sālote, ʻAfu Haʻamango, Feke Tutuʻila, Peni Tutuʻila, Malukava, Veʻehala, Tuʻimala Kaho, Tuialo Kefu and many others. From the origin of the genre at the end of the 19th century until the present.

Included are such favourites as: Siva, Tuʻu fakaunga, Tokelau tō ʻi Muifonua, Ko e hala kuo papa, ʻŪpē ʻo Siuʻilikutapu, Leiola, Hāʻele ki Pilitania, Fiefia tahakaeafe, Saame 23, Fāhina ʻo Tongataʻeapa, ʻElito e kakala hingoa, Lou kie mei Haʻamoa, and still many more.

All songs are provided with an English translation, an explanation of special terms and names used, and most often a historical setting when and why the author composed it. Many songs also have music notation in both international note notation and Tongan tuʻungafasi.

Also available (sold seperately) is a set of 3 DVDs (almost 6 hours of video), the Faiva tauʻolunga, see the movies chapter.

A must for every lover of Tongan culture

Now available from Tauʻolunga komipiuta.

poetry & annotations — A4 size — illustrated — second printing — 272 pages — ©2004 — ISBN: 978-982-98007-1-8

Price: T$ 60 per book. Overseas customers add T$ 45 per book for airmail to their location. Reductions possible for larger quantities or combined shipments, please contact us for more information. Payment methods:

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